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Free COVID-19 vaccination for Chinese citizens

View: 2304/08/2021  

   I believe that everyone’s experience of COVID-19 from the end of 2019 to 2020 is still vivid. At that time, the virus caused terrible infection and fatality rate, which made people all over the world feel scared and caused countless innocent lives to be deprived, which is heartening. Broken and terrible past


   At that time, medical experts around the world were at a loss for this virus. The Chinese government was the first to inform the public that they needed to wear masks and reduce unnecessary outings to prevent the unlimited spread of the virus. In the end, we won the protracted war against the virus.


   Recently, there is good news that the COVID-19 vaccine independently developed by the Chinese government has finally announced that Chinese citizens can get the vaccine for free after many effective experiments. Countless Chinese people are happy and proud of it.


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