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Farmers race against "rainy weather" to harvest wheat
  2023/06/15| View:418

Entering June, the most moving color change in the vast land of China is from "green" to "yellow". The protagonist in the land is definitely wheat.

When spring is fight for day and the  summer is fight for hour, there is food and there is no panic. The harvest season of wheat collides with cloudy and rainy days. Chinese farmers are in a race against time.

Prior to this, many provinces such as Shandong, Jiangsu, and Henan experienced prolonged rainy weather, which affected the wheat harvest. Harvest the rain-affected wheat fields in time, and dry the drenched grain to minimize the loss of grain production.


We are all farmers' children. Busy sowing, busy harvesting. Season after season, generation after generation, sweating profusely, never tired of it.

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