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    • Flail mower EFG
    • Flail mower EFG
    • Flail mower EFG
    • Flail mower EFG
    • Flail mower EFG
    • Flail mower EFG
PRODUCT description

Structure Dimension(mm)1250×855x8051450×810x8151550×810x8151700×810x8151850×810x8152000x810x815
Cutting Width1050mm1250mm1350mm1500mm1650mm1800mm
 PTO Input Speed540r/min540r/min540r/min540r/min540r/min540r/min
Number of hammer202428283236
Number of blades(option)404856566472
Power Required(Min/Max)25-35HP30-40HP30-40HP35-45 HP40-50HP40-55HP


Product advantages: 

1.Mi-heavy flail mower is composed of the body, gearbox, roller, cutter shaft and transmission shaft. 

2.The function of the mower is to cut grass in the field 

3.The flail mower operates at high speed through the belt pulley. 

4.The EFG series can be fitted with 25-55hp power tractor. 

5.The side of the roller has the bearing to control the flexibility. 

6. Gearbox is made of graphite casting iron. Material performance is better. Not easy broken. 

7.The blade axle runs stably at high speed after dynamic balance test, with lower noise. 

8.The blades have more quantity, bigger density and higher mowing efficiency. 

9.Y shape blades and hammers are optional, to meet the needs of different customer. 

10.Mowing height can be adjusted. 

11.With front protection, it can prevent splashing. 

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