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U.S. supply shortages become more common

View: 21007/28/2021  

     The national economic situation survey report released by the US Federal Reserve on the 14th showed that US economic activity has been further strengthened from late May to early July, but the problem of supply shortages has become more common.

     The report stated that the growth rate of transportation, tourism, manufacturing, non-financial services and other industries is higher than average, the energy industry has grown slightly, and the growth situation of agriculture is mixed. Supply shortages have become more common, involving shortages of materials and labor, delays in delivery, and tight commodity inventories, which restrict the development of various industries.


     The report also pointed out that prices in the United States have risen at an above-average rate. Seven jurisdictions reported strong price increases, while the remaining jurisdictions reported moderate price increases. Price pressure is a problem faced by all industries, especially the hotel industry and catering industry. Judging from the liaison between the Federal Reserve and the business community, some businesses claim that high-end user demand has caused them to increase the prices of goods or services, while other businesses claim that cost pressures have led to lower profits.

      For agriculture, we believe that the phenomenon of replacing manpower with machinery has already come, but the cost of machinery will not be too reasonable. LEFA is a professional company specializing in the production and export of agricultural machinery, and currently places orders for interested overseas users It would be a favorable thing for the following reasons:

1. The appreciation of the U.S. dollar against the people

2. Steel prices tend to stabilize

3. Short-term stability of logistics and transportation costs


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