Rotary tiller
    • Mi-heavy Rotary Tiller
    • Mi-heavy Rotary Tiller
    • Mi-heavy Rotary Tiller
    • Mi-heavy Rotary Tiller
    • Mi-heavy Rotary Tiller
  • Product Name: Mi-heavy Rotary Tiller
  • Model: RTM110-RTM160
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  • 1. 3 point linkage 2. Graphite casting iron gearbox 3. Tractor power required: 25-45hp
Product Details

1.       Transmission: chain driven.

2.       Graphite gearbox is made of casting iron.  Material performance is better. Not easy broken.

3.       The suspension plate shape is not easy to deform.

4.       Chain device hand adjustable. More easy and reliable. 

5.       Side protection plates are added onto the rear deflection. This device prevents the soil flying out. 

6.       The tilling height can be adjustable.

7.       The structure is firm and stable.


model RTM-120RTM-130RTM-140RTM-150RTM-160
Gross weight(kg)210220235250290
Net weight(kg)175185200210240
PTO Input speed(rpm)540r/min540r/min540r/min540r/min540r/min
Number of blades2428283232
Tilling depth(cm)8-128-128-128-128-12
Power required25-30HP30-35HP30-35HP35-40HP40-45HP
Blades shaft speed(rpm)210210210210210
working width(cm)120130140150160


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